Data Toolbox

Recommended Open Source Tools for working with open data. You can seek advice on these through our Forum and our the hands-on Workshops we organise.


D3.js present

A library for producing dynamic, interactive data visualizations in web browsers.

Leaflet present

A free JavaScript library that can be used to create online applications with geodata.

QGIS verify analyse

A free geographic information system for viewing, manipulating, and creating spatial data.

OpenRefine clean analyse

A powerful tool to work with "messy data" and make improvements.

GoodTables verify clean

Online tool to check for structural problems and ensure that data fits a specific schema.

CKAN ask find get

Web-based Data Catalog software which is widely used to publish and distribute open data.



These tools can help to formulate good questions, which is key to finding good data.


Searching and finding data that has already been released is easier with portals and agents.


Beyond file downloads, data is collected data in forms, mobile apps, scraping and aggregation.


Tools to check authenticity and authority, completeness and consistency of datasets.


Removing invalid entries, combining datasets, and doing any number of other normalizations.


Machines can do a lot of it, but working with data will always involve analytical work.


Tools to package data in an appropriate way for the audiences we wish to aim it at.